I Create bold and beautiful fine art that brings you joy and encourages you to Be and love yourself.

Finding my voice as an artist has helped me be confident in my own skin, allowing me to be unapologetically my genuinely goofy self.

Each painting is hand crafted here in my studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan and comes from my heart.



I’m Leah, an abstract expressionist painter that lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but I’ve traveled almost all 50 states and over 15 countries. My favorite place in the world is San Francisco, where I went to college.

I’ve always been a storyteller and when I picked up a paintbrush in 2015 it became clear that my favored way of expression was with brushstrokes. 

Because I love to tell stories, each work has it’s own and will speak to you if you listen. I love to tell colorful tales with whimsical brushstrokes that moves you beyond words.

Since beginning my journey with art, it  has helped me be more confident in my skin and accept myself for who I am. In the world of art, you are unique if you stand out, and I’ve always been different and weird my whole life. Finally, a world where uniqueness was celebrated! My whole life I felt othered and different, a weirdo- and painting made me realize that being weird is beautiful. I love to celebrate the different, and embrace the unique.

Painting was the game changer in my life that finally set me free.  I finally feel I can be 100% authentically myself now, and I hope my art makes you feel like you can truly be yourself too. 


“My paintings come from my heart, expressing my emotions using brushstrokes, color and expressive markings to communicate my stories. My mission is to create art that inspires you to be yourself in your happy home.

— Leah Nadeau, Artist


My process is entirely intuitive and organic, and I make decisions as I create that shape each painting as my imagination expands. I allow the colors and shapes to come together harmoniously like a complex dance that forces me to be in the moment with my work, slow down, and enjoy. My goal is to create a language on canvas that universally speaks to and uplifts all.

The Fun Stuff

When I’m not painting I love going farmer’s markets, concerts, eating at restaurants and watching Saturday Night Live.

I travel throughout the year to keep myself inspired and creating fresh, inspiring pieces. I just love traveling to fulfill my need for adventure and it fuels inspiration for my artworks when I get back to my studio.

I went to Film school and I’m a huge TV and film nerd! A lot of films that I studied in school have inspired my work such as Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock and classic western films I used to watch with my grandpa growing up.

Although I have traveled to many countries and lived in the UK, and California, Michigan has always felt like home.

I love going to brunch on Sundays, tiramisu is my favorite dessert and pink is my favorite color.

San Francisco is my favorite city of all time


Master of Arts, Aberystwyth University 2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of San Francisco 2013


If you are interested in having a piece commissioned, please contact me directly.

 I love working directly on custom tailored pieces to fit a specific space.  You can provide swatches of paint, textiles, measurements, and images of the surfaces in the surrounding area.

This is a great way to begin a perfectly commissioned piece of art and a harmonious collaboration between you and me. I can’t wait to get started!!

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