Hi! I’m Leah! I Create bold Original art that brings you joy and encourages you to Be and love yourself.

Leah Nadeau,  The Playful Contemporary Abstract Expressionist

Leah Nadeau, The Playful Contemporary Abstract Expressionist


I’ve always been a creative person, however, I didn’t realize until 2015 that my true talent was painting. I unearthed this discovery at a stressful time in my life, finding comfort in the brush against paper and the colors, which uplifted my mood. Suddenly I felt so liberated, unlike any means of expression. I felt as if I had truly and finally found my purpose in life.

 Since discovering my hidden talent for painting and creating, I haven’t stopped. I don’t feel as if I could stop if I had to. My need to create and my need to express myself has grown stronger by the day. Creating is now a way of life. This newfound discovery has allowed me to take a step back in life and appreciate the world in a new light.

I encourage others to see the world as I do- a place of infinite possibility and beauty. I appreciate the small things, I embrace how weird I am and encourage other people to simply be themselves and embrace who they are.

 Growing up I was called many names, bullied and felt like an outcast. Weird, crazy and strange are the names that I was called and I originally took these as insults. However, if you think about it, weird is beautiful. Why be ordinary in a world of billions of people if you can stand out and be different, be an original person.

 I’m weird, original and crazy and I’m proud of it.

 I hope that my work reminds you that in this world of infinite possibilities you are different, original and special. If you’re weird, be your weird self. It’s beautiful.

 My work is very different to most, just like my personality. My work energizes your home, my positivity and energy radiates through my artwork. I hope my art is a daily reminder that in a world of billions of people, you are an original that dares to be different and special.

As Seen On:

Me and some of my favorite works

Me and some of my favorite works


My process is entirely intuitive and organic, and I make decisions as I create that shape each painting as my imagination expands. I allow the colors and shapes to come together harmoniously like a complex dance that forces me to be in the moment with my work, slow down, and enjoy. Each painting takes countless hours, made with many textured layers and comes together to make a beautiful, inspiring harmonious story on canvas.

I love my job because there’s nothing better than making something beautiful for your home with my own two hands. I will never forget the first time I got my first painting commission. It was the night before my sister’s wedding and I got a message from a big NYC blogger who wanted me to paint her a 3 foot by 4 foot masterpiece for her home. I was in a hotel surrounded by my entire extended family and as I read the news they all cheered for me. I think back at that night as the day my career took off. This was in 2016, and since then I have made over 20 custom works for families all over the world. Each piece takes many hours and isn’t done until it’s perfect for my client and their space.

I was born and raised in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, but I’ve also lived and studied in San Francisco and the United Kingdom. I now call Ann Arbor, Michigan home. Go Blue!


Artistic Influences

I took some contemporary art history courses in college and that’s when I fell in love with some of the artists that inspire me today. My work is inspired by Piet Mondrian, Franz Kline, Roy Lichtenstein Lee Krasner, Joan Miró, Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Mitchell, amongst many others. My favorite art movement was the abstract expressionist movement which had many masters that inspired the style of my work.

San Francisco is the city where my creativity sparked because I was pursuing higher education and it lead me down the road to painting. It’s a very special city that has a big place in my heart and inspires many of my abstract cityscape paintings.

I always have music playing in my studio and I especially love music that makes me feel like an empowered woman. Musical artist Lady GaGa has inspired me since 2009. I love her bold and fearless attitude about life, her integrity and stance against bullying and her music always inspires me to be my authentic self. No matter where I am if I hear her music, I get goosebumps. I think she does everything from the heart and I respect that so much from artists.

Achievements & Exhibitions

Finalist of the third annual Beaujolais Nouveau artist label contest (2019)

Artist in residence at Ferlito’s Restaurant Grosse Pointe (current)

Artist in residence at the Detroit Custom Framing and Art Gallery (current)

Solo exhibition at Great Lakes Coffee Co in Midtown, Detroit (March 2019)

Prints sold on Houzz, Better Homes & Gardens, Overstock, Zulily and iCanvas (current)

Co-author and contributor of children’s book “Leah Sees The World” 2018

West Elm Pop-Up in Birmingham, Michigan December 2018

Small Wonders Exhibitor Grosse Pointe September 2017

Art Liaisons Winter Gallery Featured Exhibitor December 2016 - January 2017

More About Me

My family is everything to me. If I’m not in the studio chances are I’m spending time with my loved ones. My grandpa is one of my best friends in the world, we love watching old western movies when we get together.

I went to Film school and I’m a huge TV and film nerd! Singin’ In The Rain (1954) is my favorite movie of all time.

I love to make my friends, family and social media followers laugh!

I love belgian waffles.

I travel throughout the year to keep myself inspired and creating fresh, inspiring pieces. I just love traveling to fulfill my need for adventure and it fuels inspiration for my artworks when I get back to my studio.

There are only about 10 US states I haven’t been to.

San Francisco is my favorite city of all time


Master of Arts, Aberystwyth University 2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of San Francisco 2013


If you are interested in having a piece commissioned, please contact me directly.

 I love working directly on custom tailored pieces to fit a specific space.  You can provide swatches of paint, textiles, measurements, and images of the surfaces in the surrounding area.

This is a great way to begin a perfectly commissioned piece of art and a harmonious collaboration between you and me. I can’t wait to get started!!

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