Empowering Creatives Collective: A Community for Artists

Empowering Creatives Collective

It didn't take me long to realize that artists have special souls. After connecting with countless artists across the various social media platforms, I realized I needed a creative hangout of my own. A place where artists can come and talk about things only they understand, a place to get advice but most importantly, a place to grow and help others grow as well. 

ECC's mission statement is as follows: to provide a supportive community for artists to fulfill their dreams and squash their fears.

I also noticed that I have a natural talent for mentoring. This past Fall I began mentoring several artists by sharing information that I've learned during my career as an artist and the feedback I've received has been extremely positive. My friend Heather told me that just by following me on Instagram, it gave her the confidence to take a leap and record a DIY video for YouTube. I realized I was onto something!

After successfully helping 15 other women grow their Instagram for free and mentoring them on their businesses, I've taken the plunge into offering creative one-on-one consults for artists.  The way it works is simple, I give you 30 minutes of my time and you can ask me anything. I share all of my resources and advice with you and together we create a plan for your career as a creative.

Anyone who has a dream of becoming a professional artist is welcome to join my group! My only rule is that all creatives must act first in kindness and acceptance. We are a kind community of special souls. 

Join ECC now! 

One-on-One Creative Consultation

I’ve been selling artwork to collectors successfully since 2016 on multiple online platforms, in person at shows, exhibited my artwork in galleries and grown my online following to over 30,000 followers.


I want to help you meet your goals in your career. Let’s get together for a 30 min video chat where I can help you become a successful artist, evaluate your current business practices and help you follow your dreams of creative living!

We will hop on video chat and I can help you with the following and MORE:

Sharing your authentic story

How to grow your Instagram following

How to find your ideal client

Social media tips/tricks for maximum exposure

Clear negative blocks

Help you realize your strengths

Painting techniques

Color Theory

or anything else you want to know! 

We will use Zoom to video chat and before checkout I will ask you to send me all of your social media links and your website (if you have one) so I can look over your achievements before we talk! So that's 30 min of one on one time and 20 minutes of pre-evaluating your work/social media/website! 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions: hello(AT) leahnadeau(dot) com

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