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Hi! I'm Leah

Hi! I'm Leah


What are your life's aspirations? 

Before I discovered I had a talent for art I was trying to figure out what would give me purpose in life. That was always my goal, growing up I was always convinced I'd have a clear answer of who I was someday and since discovering my purpose, I've been able to think about what I want next. 

Honestly, my goals are to eventually start my own family and enjoy my life and passion for creating art. I want to ultimately make my own line of homewares and linens for a department store with my designs on them, create giant murals in well-known cities, and I dream that my art will be recognizable at a national level. Because I do have a background in film studies  I'd love to also be apart of a documentary some day. 

One of my goals will become reality soon, I'll be co-authoring a children's book featuring my artwork. 

What's your all time favorite color?

This answer changes for me because I'm an artist, but you're specifically asking ALL TIME favorite color. Yesterday I said pink. Today I'm saying blue. See? You can't ask me this! I'll change my answer throughout the day. 

How much time do you put in daily/weekly?

A LOT. Like my all. I feel like because I started painting late in the game (age 23) I have to make up for time lost. When I first discovered I had the eye for painting I decided I was going all in. For the first 4 years I literally painted upwards of 8 hours a day.  I'm kind of intense.

What is my favorite color pallette ?

Well, well, well, another impossible question! My answer changes depending on the day. I'm going to say my brand colors. Light blue, very very light peach, white and black.

How am I able to have a day job and run a business?

It's really hard. I work ALL THE TIME. About 6 months ago I got a new business coach and he made me realize that all I do is hustle!  Which is great because I get what I need to get done, but it can be very draining. Self care was non existent for me until very recently. Now I treat myself more and give myself more breaks, but I really do work 7 days a week for my art business and 3-4 days a week for my day job. I don't have a huge social life outside my family, but I do see my family once a week. I'm still figuring out how to find that happy balance because sometimes months fly by and I'm like, whoa, I've been busy.

Update: in September 2018 I became a full time artist.

Where do you mostly sell your art?

Instagram! People find me on Instagram and then are directed to my website. I use Instagram as a platform to really connect with potential clients, current clients, and artist supporters. 

How do you overcome creative block and lack of motivation?

Everyone has a different way to do this, but I do have suggestions. Listen to nostalgic music, look through old nostalgic photos, listen to music that will pump you up (Eye of The Tiger, Anyone?), watch other people paint on youtube or Instagram (this always makes me want to paint!), Force yourself to have a dance party, or go for a nature walk and find inspiration in the natural beauty.

If I'm having a creative block, usually there's something deeper happening, or I'm tired or too drained to be able to tell a cohesive tale on canvas. If this happens don't beat yourself up. It happens to everyone. Everyone!

How long have you been painting? 

When I was 23 I started painting casual watercolor paintings when I had writer's block from writing my dissertation in grad school. Since then I never stopped painting. This was in 2015. I switched to acrylic paint in late 2016.

How are you so confident to talk to the camera? What's the secret behind your enormous confidence?

People ask me this a lot, and I think I've always loved being the center of attention because I'm the baby of the family. I'm at a point in my life where I'm comfortable with who I am, how I look and my values, so being myself comes easy. After that you just have to pretend when you're speaking to the camera, you're speaking to your friends.  Be proud of who you are and you'll feel proud to present yourself to the world as a person.


How long does it take to create a piece of art?

It depends on many factors like the size of the painting, whether or not if I pre mixed all my colors out, and if I have a vision for the piece or not. If I have a vision, my colors mixed, and a plan, I'm a pretty quick painter. I can tackle a 30 x 40 in painting in 6-8 hours if I push, but with art you really shouldn't force the process.


Thank you so much for participating. I truly enjoyed answering your questions. Have any more? Ask away in the comments!




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