How to Use Instagram for your small business

I’m passionate about Instagram because of how much it has changed my career. In 2016 my biggest seller were hand painted greeting cards and I found the buyers on Facebook by posting on my personal page. In 2017 I turned all my focus to Instagram and reached 10K followers by the end of 2017.  It’s helped me find countless clients and opportunities.

 Today I have 24,000 followers on Instagram and counting. I got here by hard work and understanding that Instagram is the best place to find your clients. If you use Instagram correctly, your exposure will skyrocket and so will your success. I want you to thrive! This guide is mostly for other creatives, but you can apply this logic to any field.

Just a few of the opportunities from customers finding me on Instagram : A solo exhibition in Detroit showcasing 17 of my works, A permanent artist residency in Ferlito’s Grosse Pointe, a customer that commissioned me to create a 6 foot by 4 foot painting, and several customers who found me just from the magic of Instagram.

Here are some key things you need to know about using IG for your small business


1.     Make Instagram a haven for your business. Imagine it as a virtual storefront for your style and brand values.  When people see your feed they should automatically get an idea for who you are and what your business is all about.

2.     Make sure to post a photo of yourself once in a while. People love to see the human behind the feed! It reminds them they’re supporting a small business

3.     Tag your location in your posts, that way potential new customers can find your post according to your location.

4.     You can use up to 30 relevant hashtags per post. Make sure the hashtags aren’t too big, or your posts can get lost. Using tags will help you get seen by potential clients.

5.     Edit your photos. Make them look closer to what it would look like in pristine lighting. Make them interesting, and creative!

6.     Provide good, visually pleasing content and the people will keep coming back.

7.     Only follow accounts that interest and inspire you. Don’t play the follow, unfollow game. It never works!

8. Use the stories function to show behind the scenes shots. People love seeing the process and not just the finished product. Your instagram stories are a great place for this, too.

 Taking Instagram to the next level 

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