2019 Nouveau Label Finalist

I’ve made the final 15 for the third annual Beajolais Nouveau artist label contest! This is a national contest that had over 500 submissions and I was fortunate enough to make it this far.

Winning this contest became a dream of mine two years ago. I remember when I started painting with acrylics and I would go to the wine aisles just to look at the beautiful artwork on the labels. They inspired me so much that after I got home I’d immediately pick up my brush and palette and begin to create. I heard about the wine label contest the first year it ran, but I didn’t have a submission at the time that would fit the wine label’s mission.


This year I have a chance of winning, but I can’t make it happen without you. I need your votes, and if you are willing, to also share this contest with friends I would be forever grateful.

All you have to do is follow this link, scroll down to the bottom and vote for #5, which is my entry “City by the Bay.”

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