Inside My Artistic Process

Palette close up

Palette close up

Since discovering my passion for painting, I feel the need to create every day. Painting and drawing are my favorite ways to express myself. Both drawing and painting are a part of my process. I usually paint a layer, and then draw a layer with an acrylic marker, and then back in forth in that order until the painting is finished.

What brings me back into the studio at some point in the day, everyday, is the urge to feel the brush on the canvas again, a soothing act almost like a dance that leads me to a state of comfort and calm. Then I get into my groove and that’s when the magic happens.

Sometimes I dance along to music while I paint. Usually if I’m just painting my normal style that flows out with ease, chances are I’m listening to music and there will be some dancing and definitely singing. When I’m trying a technique that I’m unfamiliar with, chances are I’m sitting down with my entire focus on the painting.

Here I am laying down the first layer of paint in my process in a little time lapse. If you enjoy this, I have several time lapses on my Instagram feed.

Somehow each piece, in the end, radiates my personality and my somewhat wacky and weird character. The bold line work in my artwork represents my bold style in life. For the most part, I live life unapologetically, I don’t care who thinks I’m weird, I just be myself. The colors in my artwork represent my cheerful and playful spirit and demeanor. The shapes I use are inspired by my favorite famous artists of the past, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Mirò and more. These elements come together to make my signature style. 

When paintings are commissioned, I brainstorm the color palettes in advance, before starting the painting. But sometimes I’m feeling spontaneous and I just grab my go to colors and I just start by putting the paint down on the canvas, excited to see the beautiful colors blend. Other times, I’ll see a color palette “in the wild” that I decide to use and I then mix out all the colors before I begin on a palette. Sometimes color mixing can take up to 30 minutes, but its another part of the process I enjoy.

I keep my brushes in a pretty ceramic vase.

I keep my brushes in a pretty ceramic vase.

When I’m not in the studio I am always taking in inspiration.
I tell my friends and family I’ve developed “artist eyes,” which means I take in the world differently since discovering my passion for artwork. Everywhere I go I take in colors schemes, home decor, fashion, you name it. I now see the world with a knack for detail. It’s truly a gift!

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My Evolving Creative Process

When I first began painting, my process was completely different. I used paint and canvas, and that was about it. Although I've always worked intuitively, the addition of paint markers has been a new and fun addition to my creative process.

What made me decide to add doodles and lines to my art? Well, I started drawing late at night while watching tv and fell in love with the feeling of a pen in my hand! Something about the smooth lines comforted me and I wanted to put that element in my art.


Here I am in April 2018 tackling a 6 foot by 4 foot commission

Here I am in April 2018 tackling a 6 foot by 4 foot commission

Listening to upbeat music while dancing along is a must while I create. I feel it puts me in a good mood, and when I'm in a good mood I'm more likely to create beautiful paintings!

My process begins with applying a base color over the canvas.  This way I block in a color to then build layers upon. I play with brushstrokes and let the first layer completely dry. For the next layer I reinforce areas of the painting I like, and paint over the parts I don't like. I add layer after layer until I see a story I love.

Creating an abstract painting is like solving a puzzle. There are many variables that have to be perfect for the painting to come together. 

A lot of people ask me how I know if a painting is done. Usually I just know.  I feel proud and happy deep down, like I accomplished something great. 

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