Decoding my Style

Lately I’ve tried to dig deeper into the meaning behind my artwork’s signature style. Here’s what it all means:

The bold linework in my work represents my bold style in life. For the most part, I live life unapologetically, I don’t care who thinks I’m weird! I just be myself.

The colors in my artwork represent my cheerful and playful spirit and demeanor.

The shapes I use are inspired by my favorite famous artists of the past, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Mirò, Basquiat, Pollock & many more.

These elements come together to make my signature style. I like that my style is different and stands out in the crowd.

Growing up I was called many names, bullied and felt like an outcast. Weird, crazy and strange are the names that I was called and I originally took these as insults. However if you think about it, weird is beautiful. Why be ordinary in a world of billions of people if you can stand out and be different, be an original person. Stand out in the crowd!

 I’m weird, original and crazy and I’m proud of it.

 I hope that my work reminds you that in this world of infinite possibilities you are different, original and special. If you’re weird, be your weird self. It’s beautiful.

 My work is very different to most, just like my personality. My work energizes your home, my positivity and energy radiates through my artwork. I hope my art is a daily reminder that in a world of billions of people, you are an original that dares to be different and special.

Here are a couple paintings that celebrate standing out and being original:

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