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My Evolving Creative Process

When I first began painting, my process was completely different. I used paint and canvas, and that was about it. Although I've always worked intuitively, the addition of paint markers has been a new and fun addition to my creative process.

What made me decide to add doodles and lines to my art? Well, I started drawing late at night while watching tv and fell in love with the feeling of a pen in my hand! Something about the smooth lines comforted me and I wanted to put that element in my art.


Here I am in April 2018 tackling a 6 foot by 4 foot commission

Here I am in April 2018 tackling a 6 foot by 4 foot commission

Listening to upbeat music while dancing along is a must while I create. I feel it puts me in a good mood, and when I'm in a good mood I'm more likely to create beautiful paintings!

My process begins with applying a base color over the canvas.  This way I block in a color to then build layers upon. I play with brushstrokes and let the first layer completely dry. For the next layer I reinforce areas of the painting I like, and paint over the parts I don't like. I add layer after layer until I see a story I love.

Creating an abstract painting is like solving a puzzle. There are many variables that have to be perfect for the painting to come together. 

A lot of people ask me how I know if a painting is done. Usually I just know.  I feel proud and happy deep down, like I accomplished something great. 

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2018 Instagram Guide Part II- How to Grow Your Instagram Following

2018 Instagram guide (2).png

Earlier this month I released a free 2018 Instagram guide.  In this guide, I laid out the basics of having a cohesive feed that tells a story to your viewers. The feedback I got from the free guide was so positive! Everyone encouraged me to continue helping you with your Instagram strategies!  If you haven't downloaded my free guide, find it here:


 After receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews for my free guide, I decided to sit down and really think about the most important, vital things I do on Instagram that have made me so successful. So I sat down, made a list of the 10 things- my recipe for success, and put it into a document.

I shared this document with a couple friends before putting it up for sale. I am charging less than $2 per vital secret- a terrific deal. I've done mountains of research on Instagram, so you don't have to!

These vital tips will help you not only become more visible on Instagram, connecting you to millions of potential customers, but it also helps your feed become a cohesive story.

Ready to take your Instagram to the next level? Here are your keys to success! Scroll down for reviews and testimonials from real people!


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Heather M - I have the guide & it was fantastic! I’ve downloaded at least a dozen, free & paid but I learned a lot of things not one of the other guides offered. It’s altered my entire outlook on Instagram! Thanks Leah!!

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