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Now Booking Commissions for 2023!
Now Booking Commissions for 2023!

Crimson Noir

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Acrylic on acrylic paper 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide, gold frame included.

Series: This work is from the The Expressionism Series

 While studying film theory in Wales, United Kingdom, Leah Nadeau became fascinated with studying the art of the German Expressionism movement. This movement was significant in history because artists began making art based on emotion and psychology, instead of reality. 

These works by Nadeau are inspired by the imagery of film and paintings that she studied and admired. She can point to two films that inspire her daily, Metropolis (1927) and The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari (1920). Nadeau's favorite painter from the movement is Wassily Kandinsky, from who she draws inspiration today.

 Shipping: calculated at checkout. This work comes signed on the front, and comes with a certificate of authenticity for your records.