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Foggy Valley

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16 x 20 x 1.5 inches, hand crafted acrylic painting on canvas

Shipping and handling is calculated after you purchase this item. Depending on location, it’s about $30 to ship in the US.

International: contact me before you purchase so I give you a shipping estimate. It can range from $30 - $200 depending on the size of the piece and if you want it shipped as is, or in a tube.

I made this painting as an ode to the time I lived in Wales. I did my master’s degree in a small town by the sea and that’s where I discovered I had a hidden talent. I picked up a paintbrush and I never put it down. From 2015 on I would paint every single day.

The beauty in Wales made finding inspiration a breeze. Everything in Wales is green and lush, in the cold winter days I think about how gorgeous it was to hike on the hillsides in Wales on sunny days. After the mountain hiking I would walk by the sea and enjoy the waves as they lapped against the sand.

My time in Wales will always be one of my fondest memories. It’s where I learned I was a painter, and it caused me to go down a road to self discovery. I’m still on that path and I’m loving every minute.

This painting is a small chapter of my history. Love it? Collect it, there’s only one in the world available.