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Navigating with my Inner Compass

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30 in tall, by 30 in wide, and 1.5 inch thick. Hand-crafted acrylic painting on canvas.A certificate of authenticity is included in your purchase.

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Inspiration: Trauma is a big part of my story,
but I don't let it hold me back.
By age 13 I had witnessed a stabbing, and
experienced a horse stable fire that caused 19
horses to perish. Countless lives were affected
by a cruel act by a drunk man- throwing a
firework into a hayloft to "scare" the horses,
causing it to ignite.

When I was 19 I was robbed, and although I only
lost material items, I was left being scared and

I wouldn't wish these traumatic events on
anyone, but I thankfully had a supportive family
to help me through, going to therapy and
eventually bouncing back.
I continue to go to therapy to help me cope with
my past, and it helps me navigate my life today
with the small remnants of trauma I carry with

I let my life experiences guide me like a compass,
but I don't allow trauma to dictate my future.

This painting is part of the Mid-Century Modern Inspired Series