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Size: 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches, acrylic and oil on canvas 

Series: The Blueprint Collection


The most difficult course I ever took in college? Astronomy. I thought “this is going to be great! We will be staring at the ceiling learning about planets and stars most of the time!” Nope. 👎🏻 I was so wrong 😂

What they should have called that class was “Physics with a side of planetarium,” because that’s what it really was. I was SO out of my depth in that class and clearly so was everyone else because it was graded on a sliding scale and if not I probably would have failed miserably.

I took astronomy in high school, our school was one of only a handful of schools in the state with a planetarium, so of course I took that class. It was a blast and had a little bit of physics, but nothing I couldn’t handle with some after-school help from the teacher.


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Frame: Unframed