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15% off print orders with code prints


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"Applause" is a 24 x 18-inch diptych acrylic painting on 1-inch thick canvas, which is two 24 x 18 inch paintings as a set. They have been sealed and varnished, and ready to hang. These two paintings are sold unframed.

These works are from the Abstract Cityscape series and were proudly displayed in CityFlats Hotel in Grand Rapids Michigan for 8 months in a two-artist exhibition.

These works come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist.

Shipping & Handling are included in the price.

Inspiration: "As an artist in the modern world, I use social media and the power of the internet to showcase and sell my work. In order to be successful, you have to be pretty open about who you are and your practice. Sometimes this can make me feel extra vulnerable because showing your process constantly can be exhausting. For me, there will always be a struggle of wanting to show my work because I’m proud, but also not wanting to make an Instagram post because Instagram can easily take your joy + emotional energy from you. This piece is named because sometimes I feel like I’m on a stage, waiting for people’s adoration when I post photos of my work. I wait for the applause, but sometimes there’s none."