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Equilateral Chaos

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Equilateral Chaos is a vibrant, 14 x 18 inch, acrylic masterpiece on canvas, sealed & varnished for long-lasting brilliance. Unframed & from the Kaleidoscope series - shipping included unless international.


My ADHD is so severe that when I’m doing something that I want to be doing (like painting!!) I get excited thinking about when I can relax later and watch tv. I call it “reverse FOMO” because I then decide you know what, why don’t I go watch tv now and paint later? Then I am watching TV and suddenly I am excited because I want to paint!

This is kind of a never ending cycle for me that can get very frustrating. However, for this painting I realized why not have both?! I brought this canvas down to my living room with all of my acrylic pens, and I watched tv while I began my meditating process of linework. 

I solved my problem, but I didn’t retain anything on the tv because I got absorbed in the painting. I’m very good at creative solutions and that’s one of my strengths. 

Leah 1 point, ADHD 0 points!