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New affordable prints! Treat yourself to something beautiful.
New affordable prints! Treat yourself to something beautiful.



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12 x 9 inches, acrylic painting on paper. The painting comes framed in black and shipped to you with UPS. If you prefer to have it framed, I can help you select the perfect frame and then ship it to you. Message me with the chat bot to discuss framing options.

Inspiration: I struggle with time blindness because I have ADHD, which means I have a hard time perceiving time. If I have a task to do, chances are I have zero idea how long it will take me, unless I have something like GPS on my phone telling me it will take 43 minutes to my destination. I actually love GPS for that reason. I find countdowns to be comforting because time eludes me. “Vortex” is how I explain the time I’ve lost because of how time blindness effects me and it can be a good and bad thing. Getting lost in a painting is the ideal way it effects me, but sometimes the vortex of time can be hard to manage as well.

Shipping: Each painting is professionally packed to ensure its safe arrival. All paintings come ready to hang on your wall unless otherwise noted, signed on the front, dated on the back, and come with a certificate of authenticity for your records.