One on One Video Consultation


One on One Video Consultation

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I help creatives like you build the lives, and the businesses, they really want. I'm a creative coach, and artist and I just love social media (I went to school for it!) I love helping others navigate the waters of the internet and I love the creative community --> that means YOU!

Are you ready to get serious about your career?

Let’s sit down for a one on one video consult where I can help you with the following:

  • How to find your customers on social media

  • How to be using social media to maximize your business’ exposure

  • How to narrow down your target market

  • Resources to expand your profits

  • How to get a licensing deal

  • How to get commissions

  • Where to make products with your designs and sell them

  • How to make graphics for your website and social media for free without photoshop

  • How to set up a website that will streamline selling your work

  • Setting up Pinterest, FB, Instagram, Twitter for success

  • Much, much more

  • You can also pick my brain on how I became a full time artist

Artists: Can you imagine being an artist 20 years ago? It would have been much harder. I know how to use social media and the internet so that you can be a successful independent artist without having to try and get into galleries that take 50% or more of your profits.

After purchasing I will contact you for a date and time we can sit down and video chat. I will help you build the biz of your dreams.

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One on One Consult

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