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From Google Search to Foyer Masterpiece: The Story of a Commissioned Painting

From Google Search to Foyer Masterpiece: The Story of a Commissioned Painting

In January 2022 I was getting ready to move to Seattle from Michigan when a message popped up in my inbox. It was from someone who had stumbled upon one of my masterpieces while searching for "large statement paintings" on Google.

The sender of the message was completely captivated by a stunning 6 ft painting I painted for a client back in 2018. There was just one small hitch: that particular piece wasn't available for sale. Determined to make this art enthusiast's dreams come true, we decided to connect over a virtual Zoom call.

I assured them that I could make a painting that drew inspiration from the very one that they fell in love with initially. It would have the same colors and general composition, plus gold for that extra dose of extraordinary.  I was determined to make a painting that would be worthy of their new home. The painting would greet anyone and everyone who came into their home, it was over the staircase in the foyer. 

We finalized colors, dimensions, and I promised that in 3 weeks time, I would have their new painting to greet them in their doorway daily.

After I created the piece, I sent it off and they sent me a photo of it in their foyer, and left me a lovely message:


A couple weeks later I was lucky enough to get a review from him. This is what he said:

"When we first saw Leah's art, we were immediately enchanted by the vibrant, quirky and playful vibe of her work.  We immediately contacted Leah and started the process of commissioning a piece for our home.  Working with Leah was a complete pleasure.  She completed the work on schedule and coordinated directly with our local art dealer on shipping, framing and installation.  The process was seamless. Leah's Big City, Big Dreams hangs prominently in our front entry foyer, greeting every guest.  The character of our home and of our family is casual, warm and welcoming and Leah's artwork perfectly reflects that spirit.  Big City, Big Dreams gives us joy everyday.  Thank you Leah!" -Robert Naser


If you're ready to transform your space with a masterpiece like Robert did, book your commission here. 


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