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“From the moment I saw this painting, Broken Bells by Leah Nadeau, I knew it was perfect for my home. The stunning design and craftsmanship is truly impressive and I feel fortunate to have it as part of my art collection. I highly recommend Leah’s original pieces to anyone looking to add bold modernity and sophistication to their home. I look forward to collecting more of her work over the years.” -Kristen C. James

Broken Bells by Leah Nadeau

Broken Bells in the James residence

"When we first saw Leah's art, we were immediately enchanted by the vibrant, quirky and playful vibe of her work.  We immediately contacted Leah and started the process of commissioning a piece for our home.  Working with Leah was a complete pleasure.  She completed the work on schedule and coordinated directly with our local art dealer on shipping, framing and installation.  The process was seamless. Leah's Big City, Big Dreams hangs prominently in our front entry foyer, greeting every guest.  The character of our home and of our family is casual, warm and welcoming and Leah's artwork perfectly reflects that spirit.  Big City, Big Dreams gives us joy everyday.  Thank you Leah!" -Robert Naser

Big City, Big Dreams by Leah Nadeau

Big City, Big Dreams in the Naser residence


"We commissioned a piece for our living room. All I can say is that Ms. Nadeau far exceeded our highest expectations. She completed the project ahead of schedule, kept us involved every step of the way, and was simply a pleasure to work with, to say nothing of the beautiful work that she produced. I would recommend her and her work to anyone without hesitation." -Dan Williams 

The View of Lake St. Clair by Leah Nadeau

The View of Lake St. Clair in the Williams residence 


"I contacted Leah off of her post on Instagram and instantly knew this collaboration would be a success. I needed 2 paintings for my dining room that were Mid-Century feeling but also a bit modern. She carefully listened to my input and what I liked from her other paintings. She also helped me pick the perfect colors that worked together. Throughout the process she was easy to work with, available for input and her vision was spot on for the completed project. She struck the perfect balance of what I wanted and her vision as an artist. I have since purchased another item from her and am very happy. I would highly recommend her for commission pieces or even some of her already completed canvases. You won’t be disappointed!"-Julie Salvino

Julie's Adventure

Commission works in the Salvino residence 


"My daughter first brought my attention to Leah’s artwork. I enjoy her colorful interpretations and abstracts. I especially love the videos of her creating her art. The process is all so interesting to me. I knew that my daughter loved Leah’s artwork because one day we tried to create something inspired by it and it gave us a whole new appreciation! For my daughter’s 30th birthday I wanted to give her something very special to mark the occasion. Something she could look at every day and always enjoy, so Leah’s artwork was the perfect choice. She is living in Philadelphia now in the south end and we talked about being inspired by a neighborhood map. She is moving back to Michigan soon and has loved living in Philly. I know this beautiful piece created by Leah will always be treasured by her. Leah was wonderful to work with and we are all so happy with the piece. Thank you Leah!" - Suzy Berschback


"I have been searching for years for a piece of art that is a reflection of my skydiving experience. I clearly remember what I saw being 13,000 feet in the air and standing in front of the open door of airplane; Leah captured it perfectly. Her work has such beautiful moment and texture. I keep her painting displayed above my desk so I see it every day and remember how small our problems are in this great wide world. Communication with Leah was clear and timely and the painting arrived quickly and safely. I could easily fill every space in my home and office with her work." - Emily Thurston

Emeralds and Roses by Leah Nadeau

Emeralds and Roses in the office of Emily Thurston 


 "I've heard of art 'speaking' to people but up until recently I had never experienced it. That was until I was mindlessly scrolling along on Instagram and Leah's painting 'Funky Flamingo' stopped me in my tracks and basically told me that I was to adopt it. I NEEDED it, it was meant to be mine, so on a whim I reserved it. After reaching out to Leah and asking her for pricing, she told me that she would add some of her signature doodles and some metallic details before accepting payment from me, just in case I wasn't satisfied with the finished product. I of course loved the detailed version and then she let me pick what colors I wanted the canvas edges to be, I absolutely loved being able to be part of the end process! After it was packaged and shipped, Leah updated me with its tracking information regularly. it arrived safe and sound, she even included a free print of a different painting of hers! I was blown away with the quality of her work (so much texture and depth) and cannot wait to adopt another painting from Leah in the future!" - Molly Watson


"I knew Leah would make me a beautiful painting when I hired her, but she blew me and my husband away. I gave her the color palette I wanted her to work with and it took her about a week for her to make my custom painting after I figured out what I wanted. My painting is colorful, highly textured, and really enhances my living room." - Amanda Arnold