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“From the moment I saw this painting, Broken Bells by Leah Nadeau, I knew it was perfect for my home. The stunning design and craftsmanship is truly impressive and I feel fortunate to have it as part of my art collection. I highly recommend Leah’s original pieces to anyone looking to add bold modernity and sophistication to their home. I look forward to collecting more of her work over the years.” -Kristen C. James

Broken Bells by Leah Nadeau

Broken Bells in the James residence

"When we first saw Leah's art, we were immediately enchanted by the vibrant, quirky and playful vibe of her work.  We immediately contacted Leah and started the process of commissioning a piece for our home.  Working with Leah was a complete pleasure.  She completed the work on schedule and coordinated directly with our local art dealer on shipping, framing and installation.  The process was seamless. Leah's Big City, Big Dreams hangs prominently in our front entry foyer, greeting every guest.  The character of our home and of our family is casual, warm and welcoming and Leah's artwork perfectly reflects that spirit.  Big City, Big Dreams gives us joy everyday.  Thank you Leah!" -Robert Naser

Big City, Big Dreams by Leah Nadeau

Big City, Big Dreams in the Naser residence