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The Aerial Metropolis

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Original price
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The Aerial Metropolis is an acrylic painting, 24 inches tall by 48 inches wide on gallery wrapped 1.5 inch-thick canvas. The sides of the painting are mirrored, so the painting continues over the sides, a frame isn’t necessary unless you prefer it. The painting comes without a frame.

Inspiration: In 2023 I wanted to push myself into being more innovative in my style and trying new color palettes. Although I have used brown, green, and blue before, I'd never used Ultramarine blue. When out in West Seattle before Christmas I went to my favorite local art supply and gift shop and picked up a tube. I was determined to make something with this color I had avoided for years. Why did I avoid it? I thought it was too blue somehow. I know that makes no sense, but it felt very obnoxious. Now knowing my skills in color theory, I took the paint and muted it a bit with other colors and it was the perfect blue. 

For this composition, I wanted to make another painting inspired by aerial views, which is one of my favorite bodies of work. These works are inspired by my frequent travels as a kid where my mom always gave me the window seat so I could either look out the window or play tic tac toe with my dad in the middle seat. Usually, I did both. 

I find this body of work not only inspired by aerial views, but the energy of big cities and I take the inspiration I glean from experiencing a big city- architecture, people, chaos and I interpret it in my work. When I finished this painting and stepped back I saw the aerial view of a busy metropolis. 

Series: This piece is from my Art Deco body of work, but inspired by Mid Century Modern color palettes.

 Shipping: This painting comes rolled in a tube because of its large size. Upon arrival, you will need to take it to a framer to restretch it.  If you would like it to come ready to hang, an oversized shipping fee will be calculated and it will be sent in a professionally packed box. Depending on your location it can range from $100-$350

 All paintings are signed, dated on the back, and come with a certificate of authenticity for your records.