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$700.00 - $800.00
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Size: 15 inches tall by 30 inches wide and .75 inches thick, this masterpiece is made with high-quality acrylic paint on canvas, ensuring it will last for years to come. 

The last photo on the listing is the color palette of the main colors in this painting in hopes of eliminating color discrepancies on screen. 


The first time Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" hit my ears, it sparked a fire deep within my soul. From that point on, rock music became an unstoppable force in my life. It was as if a floodgate had opened, granting me the freedom to express myself like never before. Suddenly, I knew exactly how to let it all out.

 That same electrifying sensation hit me again when I encountered a piece of art that truly struck a chord within me. It completely shifted my perspective, immersing me in a world where artists crafted powerful messages, channeling their emotions during times of turmoil. It pushed me to think beyond my usual boundaries and embrace the extraordinary.

 Music and art share a common thread in my heart. They possess the remarkable ability to connect me with my deepest emotions in a way that words simply cannot. They tap into a language that transcends mere words, allowing me to communicate through the raw power of emotions.  My ultimate desire is for my art to evoke that same profound connection within you. I hope that when you experience my creations, you feel that surge of emotion. 


Organized Chaos - Solo Exhibition - Women United Art Movement (2023)

 Shipping: Free in the US, comes signed on the front and back and wired and ready to hang with a certificate of authenticity.