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Mentorship Coaching with Leah Nadeau

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Are you an artist with a burning desire to turn your passion into a profitable small business? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure about how to navigate the journey from being a hobbyist to selling your artwork? Or maybe you’ve sold a few paintings and you’ve had a taste of success, but want to learn how to organize your business to sell even more. 

Look no further. This is where I come in and help you achieve your dreams. 

I offer one on one coaching to bridge the knowledge gap and help talented artists like you gain the resources you need to succeed. 

As a fellow artist, I know how stressful and confusing transitioning from hobbyist to professional artist is. 

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now to secure your chance to begin the process of transforming your art into a profitable business. I know that every person is unique and I address your questions and needs, working closely to help you reach your goals and become successful. 

A bit about me:

I’m a self-taught artist that began painting in 2015. I went full-time as a professional artist in 2018. I have sold over 300 original artworks directly to customers since 2016 using Facebook and Instagram to funnel customers to my website. 

I have 4 licensing contracts with companies that have my art at companies like Target, Macy’s, Overstock, Wayfair, AllModern, and more!

I have 2 permanent art installations in the same building that a Van Gogh hangs from an art curator finding me on Instagram. 

I have a very large online presence, which I learned how to harness over time and of course from my education. I have an undergraduate degree in Media Studies, which has helped me at every step of my career. 

I use my knowledge from my own career to help jumpstart yours.

The most frequent phrase I hear in my sessions is: I never thought of that, what a great idea!

The coaching process:

We'll have a one on one live video call to help you jumpstart your art career using Zoom. You will be able to ask my advice on anything related to your art business


 I ask that before we meet, you have a list of 5-10 issues related to your art business that you’d like advice with. Please feel free to email them to me directly before we meet so I can be prepared.  I also require you to send me your social media account, website, portfolio and any relevant online presence for me to look at before we chat. That way I can be prepared and have a successful call.

Each session is 30 minutes long, but I dedicate 15 minutes prior to us talking to take notes on the materials you’ve sent me before our session so I can jump right in. I will give you homework each session so you know exactly what you need to work on. 

If you'd like to purchase more than one session, please message me for a bulk price discount. I can do a package of 3 or more.

You'll receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase to book your session(s).