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The Blueprint

Original price $1,100.00 - Original price $1,300.00
Original price
$1,100.00 - $1,300.00
Current price $1,100.00

Size: 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches, acrylic and oil on canvas

The last photo on the listing is the color palette of the main colors in this painting in hopes of eliminating color discrepancies on screen. 

Series: The Blueprint Collection


I'm currently working on a series of paintings where I am pushing myself harder. I want more experimental markings, more depth, MORE of what I do best. I'm sick of playing it safe, I need to be more daring in my work, I want you to FEEL and experience what I'm feeling when I'm working through my work. 


This painting is the culmination of everywhere I’ve been in my life and all of my experiences that come together to make me who I am. It’s the road map of how I came to be the version of who I am at 32. 

I call my signature style "blueprinting" as in the architecture plans, because I create a mental map on canvas for myself before I dive into the composition. This "blueprint" allows me to feel less anxious about facing a blank canvas. I wish there was a blueprint for life, but we all seem to be navigating life as it throws things our way.

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Each painting is carefully packed to ensure its safe arrival and insured for the valued amount. All paintings come ready to hang on your wall unless otherwise noted, signed on the front, dated on the back, and come with a certificate of authenticity for your records.  


Frame: Unframed