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15% off prints with code prints15 until 4/13 at midnight EST


Leah Nadeau: Abstract Expressionist Art (now in) Seattle

Leah Nadeau: Abstract Expressionist Art (now in) Seattle

I've had time to settle into my new home studio here in Seattle and I wanted to share some of the highlights. Since moving here in late February, I've created 8 new paintings and I've already sold 2 of those brand new works. I was also featured as Artist of the Week in Seattle Refined! I am so honored. 


Century 21 Exposition was made after I saw the Space Needle in person and fell in love. The day I finished it, I posted it for sale and it sold within hours. It was such an amazing honor. The collector's comment blew me away: 

“The blank wall above the buffet has waited 8 years for the perfect piece. It is perfect. Truly. Thank you."


This amazing collector had been looking 8 years to find the perfect painting for her home and one day she opened Facebook, saw me posting in a group and immediately went to my website and purchased it. It was fate!

Leah Nadeau and Century Twenty One Exposition

Here I am with the newly sold painting, “Century 21 Exposition” Photo by Olivia McKay


My new studio has much more space and a whopping 3 windows compared to my 1 window studio that I had in Michigan. I also have a walk in closet attached, where I store all of my finished paintings. Go here to see videos of my new studio.  Here's a shot of a small bit of my workspace in my studio:

Leah Nadeau's Studio Space


I'm currently working on a large 40 x 60 inch commission painting and then I'm taking a break on commissions until July. If you want to commission a painting, please go here to book your spot, I only have 5 left for the year. 

I hope to create a new collection of works in between commissions as well as visit family around the US for the remainder of the year. 

If you want to watch my process, please tune into my Instagram stories for daily updates. You can see my art come to life!

If you haven't seen it already, I now have a section on my website for new paintings, so if you want to see if I have any new works posted, go there. You'll see each work fresh of the easel. 

Here's a newly available piece, Self Titled:

Self Titled by Leah Nadeau


What's next for me? You'll have to tune in to find out. Make sure you're subscribed to my email newsletter (you can sign up at the bottom of the page!) to see my upcoming exhibitions in both Michigan and Washington. 

Shine on & see you on the socials!

-Leah Nadeau

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