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How to Commission Artwork

How to Commission Artwork

You love my artwork, but none of my current works for sale work for your space, or maybe you have a specific set of colors in mind for your project. You want your painting(s) to be perfect for your space, but you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of commissioning an artist. Well, as a fine artist I've made on average 20 commissions per year since 2017, I can help you understand the process of commissioning art.

First things first, you have to know what size will work for your space. Measure the entire empty wall you're looking to decorate. Then, with the entire wall size in mind, I can recommend the perfect sized canvas for you. You don't want to go too small, the painting can look tiny if it's on a big wall. You also don't want to put a painting that's far too large in a space, it will look cramped. 


For my process, I ask for a measurement of the wall, and also a photo of the wall. I recommend canvas sizes that will work for the space and then show you examples of how those sizes would work by editing the photo you've sent of your wall with my work superimposed on it. This way we can see how certain sizes would look in your space, and decide on the size of the painting.


The next step is a little more fun, we decide on a color palette. I typically ask for photos of other decorative accents you have in the room like throw pillows, the color of the walls and couch, lamps, anything that contributes to the overall color palette of the room. I come up with 5-10 color combinations that I think would look beautiful, and send it to you for your consideration. After you decide on the color palette, the next step is the style.

This client sent photos of their couch with throw pillows and vibrant chairs to show me the color accents already in their new home. I recommended a palette with shades of blue, yellow and green:

I ask you to share 3-5 paintings of mine that I've created in the past that you love. I can then take this information to decide what style and composition I will create for your painting. Perhaps you like my Art Deco series or my Abstract Cityscape series, this gives me a good idea of what kind of style you want. After you decide on a style, we're really getting close to me beginning the project!

After confirming the above details of size, color palette and style, we talk about the time frame.  We speak about how soon I can complete your project and then we talk about the deposit. I ask for 30% upfront, which pays for the supplies to make your painting. I ask for the remainder of the cost as soon as I'm done and can calculate shipping then as well. 

Next thing you know, you have your own original painting heading your way, and soon to be on your wall. Hurray! Interested in commissioning a painting now? Message me or use the contact me page. I can't wait to get started.

This is the painting my client commissioned with beautiful shades of blue, green and yellow. He loved it, and it was perfect for the colors already in his home.

Painting by Leah Nadeau

"A Trip Down Market Street" 5 ft x 7 ft commission (2020)


If you know that I can make the perfect painting for your home, book your commission today! Go here to make a deposit and learn more.

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