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The Irving Collection, Inspired by Lawrence Irving Kruger

The Irving Collection, Inspired by Lawrence Irving Kruger

When I was in the 3rd grade my school had a daddy-daughter dance. I remember being so sad my dad couldn’t make it. All of my friends’ dads were going. My grandpa volunteered and although I was disappointed my dad was not going, we ended up having a blast together. It made me realize I could depend on my grandpa no matter what.

Leah and her Grandpa

Throughout the years my grandpa has been a huge presence in my life. Family dinners, attending my horse shows, coming to the barn to see me ride, watching me ice skate, coming to my choir concerts, graduating and much more throughout my life. He was a constant presence of support and love.

Besides always being here for me, my grandpa was the most genuine and kind person I’ve ever met. When I think of him, I remember the laughter and our inside jokes from our many road trips over the years; like that time we got gas station hot dogs and got sick from them because they were so greasy. I cherish the times we watched Western movies together. I smile when I remember the loud music he would always blare because he was hard of hearing. I think of the peanut m&m’s he would set aside for me to have when I visited, and our lunch dates every Wednesday for a year after I graduated college and lived with my mom for a year.

When you find someone you love unconditionally, make sure you etch those memories made together into your memory to cherish. As you can see, I love my grandpa to the moon and back and he inspires me every single day, even though he’s no longer here. His love has not faded away, and never will, because it lives in my memories and in my heart. This entire collection is dedicated to him, as I painted it while grieving his loss. Although grieving someone you loved with all of your heart never ends, these were the pieces that helped me be in the moment with the painting, instead of focusing on the grief. 

This is the Irving Collection, named after Lawrence Irving Kruger. I love you, grandpa.


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