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Leah Nadeau's Favorite Art Supplies

Leah Nadeau's Favorite Art Supplies

Today, I’m breaking down all the frequently asked questions I get about art supplies.

Let’s start with paint. I love Golden Artist Colors, Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, and M. Graham & Co. eco-friendly acrylics. When I can, I select cadmium-free paints. Cadmium is harmful for the environment and can be toxic to those exposed to it. I have a heavy metal allergy, so I try and eliminate metals from my life wherever I can.

So, why do you use acrylic paint instead of oils? Well, I’m glad you asked. I specifically use professional acrylic paint so that I don’t have to use solvents. Solvents can be toxic to the artist’s health and to the environment. I use only artist-grade acrylic paints, specifically for professionals. The paint is made to last at least a century, so I know my works will outlive me.

What about that glorious linework? I swear by Molotov All-in-One pens and Posca Pens for the fine linework in my paintings. Molotov is from Germany and Posca is a Japanese company, but both brands can be found at most art stores in the states.

Shall we chat about substrates? For paintings on paper, I always use the Strathmore brand. I love the Strathmore acrylic paper specifically because it can hold thick applications of paint without buckling. If I am using a canvas, Fredrix Dixie Pro and Blick’s heavyweight canvases are my favorites. Both types of canvas are thick and can hold heavy applications of paint without stretching out the canvas or buckling under the weight of paint.

And finally, what about brushes? Well, my favorite brush brand is Princeton. I love their Catalyst line of tools and brushes, which are stiff enough to hold a lot of paint. I hope this has given you some great ideas for new materials, and some encouragement to keep using your old favorites!

Yours in paint, Leah Nadeau

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