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How to Sell Artwork Online in 2022

How to Sell Artwork Online in 2022

In this digital era, artists have even more opportunities to sell their work. Before we began using the internet for online shopping, artists had to rely on galleries and in person events to sell their paintings. 

My undergraduate degree really helped me to prepare for becoming an artist because what you really have to do is become an entrepreneur. I went to school for Media Studies, and eventually got my masters degree in Film studies. Learning the ins and outs of digital marketing in college really helped me with my small business.

How to Start Selling Your Work Online:

  1. Choose a sales platform where you can display your work. Make sure you have an about me section that explains what sets your story apart from other artists. Clearly display photos of your works for sale, and their price. Looking professional online is key to selling your work. 
  2. Take good photos of your work. A cloudy day where the light is even is the best weather for your work to be captured. 
  3. Sign up for an email marketing service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact and begin collecting email addresses of people who are interested in your work. 
  4. Use social media to create an online community you connect with while displaying your work. 
  5. Use websites like to find opportunities locally and online for exposure. I've found online exhibits on there to display my work in virtual galleries.
  6. Set up social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube that link to your website. This is great for Search Engine Optimization. It will help you show up in Google searches. 

If you need help navigating your career, or want to jumpstart your small business, set up a coaching call with me. I've helped numerous emerging artists earn money from what they love doing. I thoroughly enjoy mentoring artists with their careers! I hope this helped. I look forward to hearing from you, artists.

Ready to profit from your talent? Book a session with me today!


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