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Interlude in Pink

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This is an acrylic and oil painting on canvas, it's 24 inches tall by 18 inches wide.  The last photo on this listing is the color palette of the main colors in this painting in hopes of eliminating color discrepancies on screen. 
In times of uncertainty in my life, I often reach for bright colors to uplift me. Recently, I experienced a chronic pain flare, so I went to my local art supply store and purchased fluorescent magenta in a large jar and have been enjoying adding pink to many works to uplift my spirits.

Color is a natural mood booster, but pink reminds me of childhood. Times when all that mattered was getting to the pool as fast as I could to spend the day swimming and eating baby bel cheese on a picnic table in the shade.
Sometimes in life, we just need an interlude in pink to make us feel better.



Organized Chaos - Solo Exhibition - Women United Art Movement (2023)

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Framing: Unframed